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Connection to the remote demonstration is accomplished through any web browser (MS Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Netscape, ...), which enables Java support. Java must be installed (free download from www.java.com).

Choose "Run Experiment" from menu by clicking the link. Maybe here will be short delay caused by the connection to the server and loading (remember to install and keep active Java support on your computer!). Then you will see interactive control panel with self-explaining controls, by which you may control the demonstration - "Pump control" "Start-Stop" and "Overflow checking" "Enable-Disable".

The messages "Probe 1 status " and "Probe 2 status" signals the height of the water level on probes 1 and probe 2, respectively, and the "Pump status" indicates if the pumping device is On or Off. Maybe you will see the delay between report of "Pump in operation" and increase of water on Web Camera caused by the speed of web connection (on fast connections even without delay).

You can switch Off “Overflow checking” and water will overflow the vessel. Don't worry, we took measure not to cause any flooding in the laboratory, but it is popular among our visitors. Even if you let the pumping device on intentionally, the demonstration will be turned off automatically after 5 minutes expires.

More experimenters may be connected to this demonstration at a time - you can see their IP addresses in the field "Connected users".